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$349.00 / Lifetime

One of Scott's favorite setups for stocks that can be applied to futures as well.

By Scottpulcini Store
$0.00 / month

General Indicator Package including
If you have an issue with the plugin, please post it on the linked forum.

By Z0LI Store
$5.00 / month with a 5-day free trial

Keltner Channel Indicator

By Z0LI Store
$0.00 / month

This is a free version of Liquidity Tracker Pro. The only difference is the filter of orders by their size

By Bookmap Ltd.
$39.00 / month

Liquidity tracker (LT) shows the current state and historical view of the Bid and Ask liquidity in the entire market depth (limit orders), allows to filter the orders by their size, can instantly recompute the data and more...

By Bookmap Ltd.
$89.00 / month

50% sale till the end of June! ($89 instead of $178/month)

This is a package of advanced indicators based on order-by-order analysis, the real order flow. Includes Stops & Icebergs Tracker,, Liquidity Tracker, and Customizable Adv. Times & Sales

By Bookmap Ltd.
$799.00 / Lifetime

An in-depth course produced by veteran trader, Nic Brunelli from Scottpulcinitrader.com, specifically developed to trade Nasdaq futures utilizing the most powerful order flow reading software on the planet, Bookmap.com.

By Scottpulcini Store
$447.00 / Lifetime

TTW-MarketVolumePro for Bookmap (dxFeed ready) is the ultimate real-time tool developed to guide you with non-lagging traded market volume information through your trading. 

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Meaning and usage in following article

YouTube: TTW-MarketVolumePro Explained

YouTube: How to use TTW-MarketVolumePro

By TTW Trading Services Ltd.
$0.00 / month

The XTRD Market Data Add-on is a free-to-download component used to receive real-time order book updates and trades from a variety of the most popular digital assets exchanges from US, Asia, and Europe such as Kraken, Gemini, Binance, Huobi, Bitstamp, and HitBTC just to name a few.


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