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Get an edge with MBO indicators

$10.00 / month with a 5-day free trial

Moving average package consisting of:

  • SMA (Smoothed Moving Average)
  • EMA (Exponential Moving Average)
  • AEMA (Adaptive Moving Average)
  • WMA (Weighted Moving Average)

with up to 5 customisable instances. For the documentation, problem reports and recommendations please use the add-on's wiki page.

By Z0LI Store
$10.00 / month with a 5-day free trial

Pace of Tape indicator with a detachable meter widget.

For the documentation, problem reports and recommendations please use the add-on's wiki page.

By Z0LI Store
From: $39.00 / month

SpotGamma monitors the options market and publishes actionable metrics for traders. With millions of daily options data points and 20+ years of dynamically tested data, SpotGamma provides subscribers with unique insights every trading day.

By Spotgamma
From: $20.00 / month

WMA is short for Weighted moving average indicator that gives you additional information from the order book you may not see.

By Danylo's Store
$0.00 / month

This is a free version of Liquidity Tracker Pro. The only difference is the filter of orders by their size.

By Bookmap Ltd.

MBO Bundle (beta version)

$134.00 / month

25% discount! ($134 instead of $178/month) This is a package of advanced indicators based on CME order-by-order data (MBO data) - the real order flow. The bundle includes Stops & Icebergs (SI) Sub-Chart, Icebergs On-Chart, Liquidity Tracker and JavaScript API with SI Engine. More functionality to be added soon"

By Bookmap Ltd.
$497.00 / Lifetime

TTW-MarketVolumePro Version 2.7 for Bookmap™ is the ultimate real-time indicator developed to indicate market conditions based on MBO market data and possible entries for profitable trading.

Download here!

For all liquid instruments - Stocks and Futures!

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Meaning and usage in following article

YouTube: TTW-MarketVolumePro Explained


By TTW Trading Services Ltd.
$5.00 / month with a 5-day free trial

Bollinger Bands Indicator

By Z0LI Store
From: $0.00 / month

A framework for development of Bookmap addons, including stop & iceberg engine

By Bookmap Ltd.
$5.00 / month with a 5-day free trial

Donchian Channel based support and resistance channel set.

By Z0LI Store

An enterprise level quant API solution for instant data and trading connectivity to multiple crypto exchanges. See more details below. To learn more and to get a quote, please contact us at

By Bookmap Marketplace

FV Keyboard Execution PRO

$349.99 / Lifetime

This package was designed to provide traders with execution commonly offered on other platforms, including client requests along with some advanced smart features not commonly seen on many professional execution platforms.

By Fintech Visuals